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2. Think that Clarke Quay is too cheap? Then try Marina Bay Sands, the new casino/shopping mall megaopolis that looks like three skyscrapers with a big boat shipwrecked across the top of the three. Want to buy your gold digger girlfriend a $5000 Hermes bracelet? This is your best bet. I went to the club there called “Ku de Ta”, (pronounced like the French coup d’etat) on a Wednesday and the view of the marina and most of Singapore was fabulous. But, my beer was $22 SGD, and it was crowded . There was a nice roped off section with tables though, and so I approached the dude manning the rope. Our conversation:
Hello, sir, how are you this evening?
Great! Great view? So tell me how you get a table? Do you need to buy a bottle?
Yes, sir, we have a per table minimum that you must purchase.
How much is that minimum?
25 hundred dollars.
Damn! And they don’t even bother to include the “hundreds” in the price. That $2500 SGD ($2100 USD) would pay your rent in a luxury condo in Manila for 4-7 months! In Singapore it gets you a table at the club on a Wednesday night with some gold diggers and maybe a couple bottles of Grey Goose with mixers. What kind of a retarded waste of money is that?
3. The Singapore Zoo is fantastic. There’s actually 3 zoos, the regular daytime zoo, the Night Safari, and the bird park. The Night Safari is particularly good for a date. What’s better than walking around in the dark stoned with a cute girl on your arm looking at all the weird dog-cat-deer hybrids, exotic sleeping birds, bats, and snakes? A little pricey, but recommended.
4. Sentosa – The island at the southern tip of Singapore is the place to go on the weekends. The Tanjong Beach Club is the beach party place when the weather is good and a great place to meet people. Make sure to BYOB if you don’t feel like paying $48 SGD for a bucket of 4 beers all day.
5. Other clubs – There’s lots of good boom boom clubs filled with super hot chicks all over town. My particular recommendations include Helipad on the top of the Swisshotel, Zouk (one of the top 10 clubs in the world by some ratings) and Steriolab in the Pan Pacific Hotel. This is a very incomplete list of clubs and the hot clubs are always changing, so just ask around, and have some door openers bring you along. Bring your checkbook.
6. Hooker bars This is a Singapore tradition – bars filled with hookers and BBDs, tourists, trust fund kids, and regular civilians. Buying a hooker is neither necessary nor recommended. Brix in the basement of the Hyatt Hotel is a favorite with lots of shit-your-pants hot hookers and a fun scene with a great band.
The unquestioned king of the hooker bar scene is Orchard Towers. Called the “Four Floors of Whores” by locals, it’s a shopping mall by day and a hooker bar complex by night, all night, every night, with numerous different hooker bars of every different flavors, from Thai disco to country to the ladyboy hooker bar. Be careful! Nothing good happens in Singapore after 3 AM and nothing good happens in Thai bars outside of Thailand. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.
Shedding light on freelance prostitutes in Geylang.
Based on face-to-face interviews with 177 freelance prostitutes over the last two years, the study found that almost all of them are foreigners from China, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. The freelancers are not based in brothels and many come to Singapore as tourists; others moonlight while holding other jobs here. ST PHOTOS: DESMOND WEE.
Academics' study shows bias among sex workers in choice of clients.
Janice Tai And Toh Yong Chuan.
This article was first published on Sept 4, 2014.
The typical streetwalker in Geylang is 26 years old, services four clients a day for $70 each on average and earns about $3,200 a month after deducting rent and other expenses.
Almost all are foreigners from China, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia, said a study by three universities which has, for the first time, shed some light on the veiled world of freelance prostitutes in Geylang.
The findings are based on face-to-face interviews with 177 prostitutes over the last two years by three academics from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Boston University and Fudan University.
The study is “an important contribution to the field of labour economics in general”, said NTU assistant professor in economics Leong Kaiwen, one of the researchers. “To the best of our knowledge, our work is the first of its kind because such data is rare.”
The freelancers are not based in brothels. Many come to Singapore as tourists; others moonlight while holding other jobs here.
Prostitution in itself is not an offence in Singapore, but it is against the law to solicit in public or for pimps to live off the earnings of prostitutes.
One of the study’s key findings is that prostitutes pick and choose their clients, charging some more and others less. For instance, Caucasians are typically asked to pay $81 because they are perceived to be more willing and able to pay. Chinese are charged $69, while Bangladeshis pay the lowest amount of $44 because they are seen as less wealthy.

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Colombian girls are a lot of fun. They love sex, but they refuse to feel like prepagos. You can pull chicks in hostels, hotels, and sex hotels. As long as she feels “classy” then you’ll be okay. I prefer apartments. The cooking date is a clear-cut closer in Colombia. Plus, you’ll find higher quality girls if you rent an apartment. Looking when you land is always the best, but if you have a short trip, you can find decent options online.
How to Meet Girls in Colombia.
So you want to visit Colombia and meet some girls? You heard nightlife blows in Colombia. Plus, you don’t wish to bang a couple of gringo hunters that every other guy who visits the country penetrates, too. Relax. You can meet Colombian girls with ease. It’ll take effort, but the fun, friendly, and approachable nature of the women in this beautiful country makes the process enjoyable.
You’ll want to start online, especially if you’re new to Colombia, new to traveling, new to Latin women, or have no Spanish speaking ability. A lot of the women you meet online in the country won’t be “dateable” or of the highest quality. They will be fun, flirty, and pretty damn sexy. Plus, the girls using online dating in Colombia are self-selecting to like foreign guys. So she’ll be searching for men just like you. English levels will be higher than average, too.
The sites to use in Colombia will vary from city to city. In Bogota, a steady diet of Tinder and Colombian Cupid will be all you need. In Medellin, you’ll want to check other sites (along with those two), especially ones that not every foreign guy uses (read: Badoo, OkCupid, PoF ). Tinder isn’t as good in Cali as it is in Bogota. Colombian Cupid and Latin American Cupid are better. Barranquilla is small enough that you’ll need to use Tinder, Colombian Cupid , and more to fill your pipeline. The same goes for Cartagena, Periera, and other smaller cities.
Download Tinder (I did well following the script I present here on Tinder in Colombia). Pony up the cash for Colombian Cupid . This isn’t really optional unless you have a month or more in the country. Use profile pictures that show your blue/green eyes, blonde hair, muscular body, or well-dressed style. If you don’t have pictures showcasing any of the four – get new photos.
Open girls in Spanish unless she writes in English on her profile or mentions she speaks the language. Get her Whats App after 4-7 messages. Then spam her with attention through messages, voice messages, photos, and videos – until she actually shows up for a date. Colombian girls love attention, but so do girls from just about every country in the world.
P.S. If you’re looking to date or hook up with a few sexy Colombian chicks, Colombian Cupid is probably the easiest place to find them. This is particularly true if you have a short trip (like a two-week vacation) and are looking for a hassle-free way to meet cute Colombianas.
You’ll have to pay a few bucks for a subscription, but Colombian Cupid is definitely worth it.
If you live in the right areas in the main Colombian cities, you’ll find day game opportunities plentiful. Some guys go direct. Some guys go discrete. Some guys just go. I’d advise you to open in Spanish and use indirect game. Then switch to stating your intentions within 30 seconds to a few minutes. I’d usually just ask something basic like I was a new tourist to the city. I’d quickly switch and tell the girl she was pretty, and that’s why I wanted to talk with her. Of course, in broken Spanish:
“En realidad – eres linda, amor. Y por eso que tenia ganas de hablarte.”
She’d usually giggle after I’d say this. Then I’d ask if she has a boyfriend. Not great game? Maybe. Did it hurt my chances of making sweet love with her? Never. If she didn’t have one (they never admit to having a mans, as it’s Latin America), then I’d say we should have a drink and maybe go dancing. Then I’d get the number.
Keep your day game simple in Colombia. Don’t spam approach. Be friendly. Show some social savvy. Smile and flirt. You’ll be rewarded. Lastly, if she makes eye contact with you – then she wants to talk to you. This is especially true if she is walking alone. I had a couple of girls snap their necks looking at me after we exchanged glances. I had to go talk with her after that.
Night game isn’t great in Colombia. That is 100% true. The number of times my friends and I pulled one night stands in Colombia wasn’t high. Once you venture out of Bogota – the number gets even lower. Colombian girls don’t go out at night to find men to have sex with. Women in Colombia go out at night to dance and show their stunning bodies to the world. They go out to embrace their feminity. They don’t go out to find men.
Meet chicks online. Meet girls as you go about your day. Then go dancing with them over the weekend. This is how it’s done in Colombia. Instead of trying to change the culture to fit your needs – just go with the flow and play by their rules. Sure, it’ll cost a bit more, but the country is cheap now.
The tip I’ll give you is only to take hot, dateable girls dancing. You’ll be pissed if you roll into a Colombian club with a “7” on your arm and every other guy in the club has a cuter chick than you. Online girls should be met before you go to the club with them. Secret Internet fatties are everywhere, gents.

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Drawbacks of Hong Kong.
Despite the abundance of good looking girls, there is a distinct lack of stunners. If you do see one at night time, likelihood is she’ll be surrounded by rich Chinese men who can be protective. Your best chances for a stunner are private parties or roaming the upper-class shopping malls where the girls don’t come with an entourage of chodes. As I mentioned before, almost no one approaches in the day time, so although she may be taken aback initially, even doing the approach demonstrates tons of confidence and you have very good chances if your game is on point.
Another downside is the price. Getting a place in HK can be expensive. If you want to be close to the action (Central or Wan Chai) then best bet is to jump on Airbnb or find a Facebook Group and see if anything suits your budget. Expect to pay $800+ per month for a grotty apartment close to the action. Further out, like mid-levels, or even Kowloon and you can get somewhere bigger, for cheaper.
However, as a single dude, you may be better off to rent something small (and dingy) as close to LKF as possible. Multiple times I was able to pull girls back to my apartment (a thirty second walk) where I may have lost her if I would have had to involve a taxi. It also meant going out 5 times per week instead of 2-3.
Hong Kong is similar in a way to Singapore, except HK has significantly more style and culture. The streets are more rowdy and fun in HK and you can generally get away with more in HK. There is still a massive abundance of business and banking guys but they aren’t generally ‘banging the guns’ with cold approaches. Most will be at tables bored out of their minds so you won’t have to worry about competing with them.
The worst thing in terms of game in HK is cock-blocking guys who are friends with the girls. They often have absolutely no chance themselves but find it their duty to slut shame their girlfriends enough into not dancing or leaving with you or simply grabbing the girl and moving her when you approach. Shame on you guys. A wise man once said, “bless that which you desire,” for me this means pimping out the girls I’m with to other guys, even if I’m sleeping with them already. This demonstrates pure abundance to the girls and subconsciously makes it easier to approach super hot girls with other cool guys. Read the book Sex At Dawn to understand this mindset better.
These friend-zoned-cock-blockers would have a much better chance of getting some ‘pussay’ if they pimped their own chicks out to other guys. Then again after the video of a Western guy taking a girl away from her boyfriend (and him being too passive to do anything) went viral in HK (and other Asian countries) many of the guys feel like they need to stand up for themselves a little more.
Deciding on whether or not you make the trip to Hong Kong in search of girls really depends on your tastes and your budget more than anything else. There are a few other things to see and do (a trip to The Peak is essential) and overall HK has a cool, friendly and safe vibe about it.
Maids Day Off in Hong Kong.
Filipino maids in outside the Hong Kong Law Courts Building.
Image © 2010 MaryLou Driedger.
Every Sunday thousands of female workers from Indonesia and the Philippines gather in Hong Kong’s Statue Square. There are groups enjoying each other’s company everywhere you look. Some are eating while others visit, play cards, style one another’s hair and trade romance novels.
There are an estimated 200,000 female domestic workers from other countries living in Hong Kong. Most are employed as maids for the city’s wealthy families. These ‘helpers’ ( the common term for domestic laborers in Hong Kong) are expected to work twenty four hours a day, six days a week, but government regulations dictate they must be given twelve consecutive hours of free time each Sunday. Since the women cannot afford to go to movies or eat in restaurants on their day off, they gather in Hong Kong’s train stations and parks or outside public buildings.
One Sunday morning, I went down to the heart of Hong Kong’s business district to spend some time talking with the women in a central plaza there. The ten women I spoke with all come from the same rural area in the Philippines. They work in homes in different sections of Hong Kong but on Sundays they meet at St. Joseph’s Cathedral located in the Central district. After mass, which St. Joseph’s celebrates in Tagalong, the language of the Philippines, they gather on the porch of the nearby Hong Kong Law Courts Building. They spread newspapers on its cement floor to sit on, and then spend the afternoon eating and visiting.
I discover some of the women in the group have been here for as little as four months while others have lived in Hong Kong for as long as twelve years. Most have young children at home and are university educated. They are nurses, teachers, physiotherapists, pharmacists, computer programmers and business women. They speak several languages. However they can make three times more money in Hong Kong (the government dictated salary is about $600 US a month) than they can practicing their professions in the Philippines. They tell me they need money to pay for their children’s education. “To give our kids hope for the future”, one woman says. They all send a substantial portion of their salary home to their families.

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You’re actually agreeing with then…
can you tel me about Santiago de Cuba i am first time how the night life there.
Hey CP. I was there in 2010 Met up with a local (had a date) at a park in the centre of Havana. We walked just a couple of meters (I am European) and she got arrested, of course I had to come along too.
Cockblocked from an extreme hottie.
Was asked where I met her.. etc etc Even asked me where she lived.
Had a lot of explaining to do but got away.
After getting her and I out… that was it for me.
I have to say that she was not dressed smart. The shortest skirt I have ever seen.
Met a huge lot of verrrry attractive girls, better go to a smaller town / village.
an you mentioned the small villages?
No they can’t walk with us they get picked up by cops. Even if she said Hola to you I was there I know what I see. Only way she can walk with you is if she is in hotel with you or if you go to station to sign that she is your gf. All women’s there are prostitutes. It’s unusual to find good one. You get offered kids mom everything there.
THEY CAN”T WALK WITH FOREIGNERS OR THE COPS WILL PICK THEM UP. I’ve been to Cuba about forty times in the last 10 years. Cubans don’t think of it as prostitution as those in other countries do, it’s more like it’s their job, no big deal. I have been with the same woman for 8 years, she is still afraid the cops will grab her if we walk the main streets together. That said the people are very poor so why would people expect to go to Cuba and all the women there are just supposed to hand it out for free? Does that happen in other countries?
“the women there are just supposed to hand it out for free?”
I’ve been to Cuba about 50 times in last 10 years. Your the only one on here who knows what they are talking about.
Got one I met at the market in Havannah..your right it was hard..still dont know how I pulled it off…had to take her out dancing and pay for cab to her place..
Cubans are absolutely the worst people I have ever encountered. Even when you show them generosity they often do not reciprocate with gratitude.
that’s 100% true .they are only taker cant expect anything return.
I live in Thailand. Its the same here. Maybe worse. In the last 4 years it went for 30 bucks a night to 100 to 300 bucks a night for a lame fuck and terrible blow job.
That’s damn true man.I am Chinese but I got a Cuban girlfriend before.that really sucks.She just never appreciate anything.Also you people might think China is also a poor intimidating communist country,lol.
It may be sad, but somewhat true.
But be fair… you need to understand that for the last 58 years, they have seen “no hope” whatsoever. There is no FUTURE, so they live day to day, enjoying what they can along the way. I am from Cuba, but a much older generation; however, many of my contacts are in their 20s .. the ability to ACT FOR THE FUTURE has been taken away from them. It is not that they are not grateful, it is just that for many “it is what it is” .
Also, when ANY country is in so much poverty, people must do what they do.
In SEA you can get girls without paying, however money and sex are not considered distinct either. Frankly I’ve gone local and now consider it an illusion to believe that youth and beauty is not a commodity.
Women know their value. They know they can trade their value for their benefit. In SEA this is not a dirty little secret. It’s not even an open secret. It’s just a fact of life. Money is part of the equation, blatantly and openly.
At this point I consider it bullshit manospherian posturing to create an artificial division between cads and providers. Money and power and social status is exactly equal to breasts. It can be a cause of sexual attraction in and of itself, and can maintain a relationship when there is nothing else being offered.
The fact that flat chested women can be sexy doesn’t mean that tits aren’t sexually attractive, or that some guys don’t screen for tits.
Women aren’t men with vaginas. Their sexual attraction triggers are different. It’s not just that they fuck for food. Not JUST a matter of pragmatic sales of a service. Actual attraction is ALSO involved.
Manospherians hampsterbate about this with a zillion “ya buts”. Ya, but you don’t NEED money. Yup, and girls don’t NEED tits.
Having tits is better and more attractive anyway, and girls with tits can get more and better quality men.
Having money is better in exactly the same way.
It’s not the case the SOME girls are gold diggers.
It’s just a matter of all the gold diggers mining for gold in different ways.
Im from Ukraine. we dont have such bullshit. we are civilized nation.
Ukraine is nightmare place for men looking for a serious relation with a good girls.It is almost impossible to find a girl which is not either skammer or gold digger.Almost all girls intend to obtain as more money and gifts ( or drinks, food in a restaurant) from you, and give you nothing.Starting from 2014(there was a drastic economic crisis and war) loads of uneducated village girls started flowing to Kiev speaking a bizarre mixture of Russian and Ukrainian words which is hard to understand.Girls extremely rarely can speak good English.You need to speak Russian.Public transportation system in Kiev is overloaded and in a critically bad condition.People in general are concentrated on stupid things like switching everyone speaking Russian to speaking Ukrainian. re-naming the street names and so on.Racism, anti-semitism, and anti -LGBT sentiments are widespread.People who work at restaurants and night clubs are often(not always) rude and unfriendly and unproffesional.For me Ukraine is something like an African state located in Europe.

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