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In 2004 the Turkish gang leader Necati Arabaci was sentenced to 9 years in prison for pimping, human trafficking, assault, extortion, weapons violations and racketeering. [ 16 ] His gang of bouncers controlled the night clubs in Cologne’s entertainment district, the Ring, where they befriended girls in order to exploit them as prostitutes. [ 17 ] After Arabaci’s arrest, informants overheard threats against the responsible prosecutor, who received police protection and fled the country in 2007 when Arabaci was deported to Turkey. [ 18 ]
In 2004, the large FKK-brothel Colosseum opened in Augsburg, and police suspected a connection to Arabaci’s gang, which owned several similar establishments and was supposedly directed from prison by its convicted leader. [ 19 ] After several raids, police determined that the managers of the brothel dictated the prices that the women had to charge, prohibited them from sitting in groups or using cell phones during work, set the work hours, searched rooms and handbags, and made them work completely nude (charging a penalty of 10 euros per infraction). In April 2006, five men were charged with pimping. The court quashed the charges, arguing that the prostitution law of 2002 created a regular employer-employee relationship and thus gave the employer certain rights to direct the working conditions. Colosseum remained in business. [ 20 ]
Early in 2005, English media reported that a woman refusing to take a job as a prostitute might have her unemployment benefits reduced or removed altogether. [ 21 ] A similar story had appeared in mid-2003; a woman received a job offer through a private employment agency. In this case however, the agency apologized for the mistake, stating that a request for a prostitute would normally have been rejected, but the client misled them, describing the position as “a female barkeeper.” To date, there have been no reported cases of women actually losing benefits in such a case, and the employment agencies have stated that women would not be made to work in prostitution. [ 22 ]
In March 2007 the brothel “Pascha” in Cologne announced that senior citizens above the age of 66 would receive a discount during afternoons; half of the price of 50 euros for a “normal session” would be covered by the house. Earlier, in 2004, a 20% discount for long-term unemployed had been announced by a brothel in Dresden. [ 23 ]
Also in 2007, authorities in Berlin began to close several apartment brothels that had existed for years. They cited a 1983 court decision that found that the inevitable disturbances caused by brothels were incompatible with residential areas. Prostitutes’ organizations and brothel owners fought these efforts. They commissioned a study that concluded that apartment brothels in general neither promote criminality nor disturb neighbors. [ 24 ]
The economic downturn of 2009 has resulted in changes at some brothels. Reduced prices and free promotions are now found. Some changes, the result of modern marketing tools, rebates, gimmicks. Brothels introducing all-inclusive flat-rates, free shuttle buses, discounts for seniors and taxi drivers. “Day passes.” Some brothels reportedly including loyalty cards, group sex parties, rebates for golf players. Clients have reported reducing their number of weekly visits. [ 25 ]
In 2009, the Bundessozialgericht ruled that the German job agencies are not required to find prostitutes for open positions in brothels. The court rejected the complaint of a brothel owner who had argued that the law of 2002 had turned prostitution into a job like any other; the judges ruled that the law had been passed to protect the employees, not to further the business. [ 26 ]
Football World Cup 2006.
Officials speculated that up to 40,000 illegal prostitutes, mainly from Eastern European countries, would enter Germany for the Football World Cup, held in Germany in the summer of 2006. Women and church groups were planning a “Red card to forced prostitution” campaign with the aim of alerting World Cup visitors to the existence of forced prostitution. They asked for support from the national football team and the national football organization but were initially rebuffed. [ 27 ] In March 2006 the president of the German football federation turned around and agreed to support a campaign named “Final Whistle – Stop Forced Prostitution”. [ 28 ] The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), the Nordic Council and Amnesty International also expressed concern over an increase in the trafficking of women and forced prostitution up to and during the World Cup. [ 29 ] [ 30 ] [ 31 ] [ 32 ]
In March 2006 the campaign “Responsible John. Prostitution without compulsion and violence” [ 33 ] was started by the government of Berlin. [ 34 ] It provides a list of signs of forced prostitution and urges prostitutes’ customers to call a hotline if they spot one of those signs.
In April 2006, an advertisement for the Pascha brothel in Cologne that featured a several story image of a half-naked woman with the flags of 2006 FIFA World Cup countries sparked outrage after Muslims were offended by the inclusion of the Saudi Arabian and Iranian flags. The Pascha brothel’s owner, Armin Lobscheid, said a group of Muslims had threatened violence over the advertisement, and he blacked out the two flags. However, the Tunisian flag that features the Muslim crescent remained on the advertisement.

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“Finally I’m doing what I set out to do 13 years ago. But it had to take this long. I needed to be in a certain place at a certain time for Gwen and Alicia. Everything happens for a reason. That’s how life works. I truly believe this.”
Nature Abhors a Vacuum.
Sergeant McKee reflects, “This was a good case. It worked. A huge message was sent to local police departments about the existence of the T.V.P.A. But it’s no different from the drug trade. With Paris and Forbes removed, others will come along to take their place.”
A month into her training for the mounted police, Scates called again to say she just spent a sleepless night. At two p.m. the day before, she cruised past the Motel 6. “And there they were all over again—14-, 15-, 16-year-old girls in five-inch heels and miniskirts, walking across the parking lot. I called my old lieutenant and asked him if he could do something.”
Scates had noticed that the X-rated classifieds in the back of The Hartford Advocate had dwindled slightly, she hoped as a result of the task force’s valiant efforts. But she quickly caught on that a new, tech-savvy generation of pimps was filling the void by merchandising girls on Craigslist (in September 2010 the site succumbed to pressure to remove its adult-services section, which was expected to earn $44 million last year); on (owned by Village Voice Media); or via Females on are rated for consumers—ostensibly by “hobbyists” but more often than not, victims say, by their ever shrewder pimps. With the help of untraceable, prepaid cell phones and credit cards, this futuristic breed of trafficker can, unlike Dennis Paris, obliterate any paper trail. “It’s degrading, it’s dangerous, it’s sickening,” says Eva, the Norwich girl whose in-laws forced her to turn tricks at the casinos. “People say about you, ‘You’re nasty. You had all those dicks in your mouth.’ But then guys are also like, ‘Oh, wow!! Let me see—how much is she?’ It’s so big, this industry, it’s everywhere. Strip clubs, pornography, the street, the hotel—for us, it all amounts to the same revolting thing.” Natalie, the gems girl, says, “Prostitution and pimping—it’s never going to stop. Tricks—they should start from there. If no one’s buying girls, then the pimps can’t make money.”
That, in fact, is exactly the theory behind the Sex Purchase Law in Sweden. As of 1999, johns are punished by up to six months’ imprisonment, traffickers are locked up for 2-to-10-year hits, and prostitutes are offered medical care, education, and housing. As a result, prostitution has been reduced by 50 percent in Sweden, and the purchase of sex, which is understood to be a human-rights abuse, has decreased by 75 percent. In contrast, Europol studies show, nations such as Holland and Australia, where prostitution has been legalized, have become lucrative, low-risk magnets for international sex-slave drivers and organized crime. On the subject of Sweden’s demand-side laws—which Finland and Norway have now adopted, and Denmark is currently considering—Sweden’s minister for justice, Beatrice Ask, notes, “If we could get rid of slavery, then I think this type of buying human beings is something that we have to fight too.”
In the meantime, here in the U.S., hot-pink patent-leather stiletto crib shoes for baby girls, aged zero to six months, and Abercrombie & Fitch push-up padded bikinis for eight-year-olds have been all the rage in downward-deviant fashion, prostitution is a mainstay of Las Vegas’s economy, and Ice-T has produced a documentary on the life of Iceberg Slim, who, in his dotage, expressed remorse in Pimp for his wasted youth and his squandered fortune, but never for any of the girls he thrashed into red jelly with his homemade wire whip. Slim did speculate, however, that his cruelty toward women arose from his “unconscious hatred” for his mother. “It’s disgusting,” Natalie says. “The pimp is winning out.”
Coda: Paris Is Burning.
On the Indian-summer afternoon of Tuesday, October 14, 2008, Judge Christopher Droney sentenced an unrepentant Dennis Paris to 30 years in prison, at the bottom of the federal guidelines, and to three years’ supervised release. Additionally, Droney ordered Paris to pay a combined restitution of $46,116 to Gwen and Alicia. (As a result of the Supreme Court’s Santos decision in June 2008, the three money-laundering counts were dropped.) Characterizing the Paris case as among the “most sad and disheartening” of his career, Droney, for the record, concluded from his bench, “We will never know why Mr. Paris constructed this hell for these girls … a world of pain, humiliation, suffering, and sexism.”

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Хотите хорошо выспаться? У этого варианта высокие оценки за очень удобные кровати.
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Обратите внимание, что апартаменты и номера гостевого дома Foto-Motel Fensterzumhof расположены по разным адресам. Регистрация заезда проводится по адресу, который указан в подтверждении бронирования.
Парковка предоставляется при наличии, так как количество мест ограничено.
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Feeling out of control, I found one thing over which I did have power: what I ate. Or how little I ate. Between the minuscule amount of food I was eating and the excessive training, my body was starving itself. But I was running faster. Still, with all my training, starving myself wasn’t sustainable, so I became bulimic. I would binge on a tray of brownies or a bunch of pasta and then purge.
The bulimia was full blown by the time I started college, at Wisconsin, in 1986. No matter how skinny I was, I always felt heavy, especially because I didn’t have what I thought of as the perfect running body. I did everything to hide my large breasts, ordering a team shirt that was too large and altering it to hang even more loosely on me. My shame turned to rage later in my college career when I learned that a coach of the men’s track team had shown his runners video of my breasts bouncing as I ran. In 1993, I would secretly pay $8,000 for breast-reduction surgery.
In January of my freshman year a friend fixed me up with one of his baseball teammates, a freshman pitcher from California, Mark Hamilton. He looked like Val Kilmer in Top Gun, with that same flattop. I thought he was gorgeous.
Mark was open-minded and wanted to talk about everything. Although he never asked me about my bulimia, he gently urged me to eat when we were together, and he noticed when I’d skip a meal. Eventually I opened up to him. With his support I stopped purging and adopted a more balanced diet.
On the track, meanwhile, I worked with Peter Tegen, the greatest coach I would ever have. He knew it was important for his runners to compete against international athletes early to have a shot at the Olympics. He persuaded the university to pay for the team to travel to Europe and race in the summers. There I saw I could hold my own against the world’s best runners. Back in college I won every national track championship I entered—nine in all, at the time the most NCAA titles for any athlete.
In January of my senior year I signed a six-figure, five-year contract with Reebok. A week after Mark and I graduated, we got married. We moved from Madison to Malibu. Mark would attend Pepperdine’s law school while I trained for the 1992 Olympics.
In the 1,500-meter final at the U.S. trials I edged my childhood idol, Mary Decker Slaney, to finish third and qualify for Barcelona. My parents were overjoyed. Signs went up all over my hometown, cheering me on to the Olympics. The expectations turned my euphoria into the greatest anxiety of my racing life.
By the night before my 1,500 preliminary in Barcelona, I was back in the dark, negative head space that often plagued me during competition. Not only that, but the Olympic Village was a chaos of loud music, drunken shouts and laughter. I lay in bed seeing myself fail again and again. I don’t think I slept at all. I would rather have done anything but run an Olympic race.
I could barely focus as I took my position. And then I started to run. I didn’t feel like I belonged among these elite athletes. I tightened up with a lap and a half to go, living the nightmare of many runners: I felt as if I were dragging my arms and legs through quicksand. The other racers flew past. I finished last.
At the 1996 Games, Suzy ran the 800 meters and failed to make the final. She and Mark moved back to Madison, and she continued to run professionally. Then, in ‘99, Dan Favor died by suicide.
The shadow of Dan fell over an already high-stakes year for me. I was 32 in 2000, and it would be my third Olympics. I felt as if I had to finally make good on all the sacrifices that Mark, my parents and my coaches had made for so many years.
I came in second in the 1,500 meters at the U.S. trials. I was running great—too great. I peaked in Oslo just after the trials, running the 1,500 in 3:57, a couple of tenths of a second off Slaney’s U.S. record. That established me as the favorite in Sydney. But in the Olympic semifinals I ran second and felt terrible, as if I were already spent. Before the final I wanted to flee.
I was assigned to be the first runner, closest to the inside rail. This meant I had to get off to a fast start to avoid getting boxed in. My heart felt as if it would pound itself to dust. When the gun went off, my newly sharpened spikes gripped the track. Running in sheer panic, I pushed my way into [the lead], but with every stride my only thought was, I just want this nightmare to be over.
With one lap to go the exhalations of the runners behind me grew louder, making me feel as if I were being hunted like an animal. My legs grew heavy, and with 150 meters left the other runners passed me one by one. I was going to come in last, in my last Olympic race. No gold for Mark, for Coach Tegen, for my parents, for my brother’s memory. Heartbroken, I told myself to fall, and then I fell.
I felt like an idiot, but at least I didn’t have to run anymore. Then I realized I couldn’t leave this race unfinished. I made myself get up and cross the line, but when the media crowded around me, I couldn’t bear the shame and collapsed again. I closed my eyes and felt the medics lift me into the air.

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Normative philosophy of sexuality inquires about the value of sexual activity and sexual pleasure and of the various forms they take. Thus the philosophy of sexuality is concerned with the perennial questions of sexual morality and constitutes a large branch of applied ethics. Normative philosophy of sexuality investigates what contribution is made to the good or virtuous life by sexuality, and tries to determine what moral obligations we have to refrain from performing certain sexual acts and what moral permissions we have to engage in others.
Some philosophers of sexuality carry out conceptual analysis and the study of sexual ethics separately. They believe that it is one thing to define a sexual phenomenon (such as rape or adultery) and quite another thing to evaluate it. Other philosophers of sexuality believe that a robust distinction between defining a sexual phenomenon and arriving at moral evaluations of it cannot be made, that analyses of sexual concepts and moral evaluations of sexual acts influence each other. Whether there actually is a tidy distinction between values and morals, on the one hand, and natural, social, or conceptual facts , on the other hand, is one of those fascinating, endlessly debated issues in philosophy, and is not limited to the philosophy of sexuality.
1. Metaphysics of Sexuality.
Our moral evaluations of sexual activity are bound to be affected by what we view the nature of the sexual impulse, or of sexual desire, to be in human beings. In this regard there is a deep divide between those philosophers that we might call the metaphysical sexual optimists and those we might call the metaphysical sexual pessimists.
The pessimists in the philosophy of sexuality, such as St. Augustine, Immanuel Kant, and, sometimes, Sigmund Freud, perceive the sexual impulse and acting on it to be something nearly always, if not necessarily, unbefitting the dignity of the human person; they see the essence and the results of the drive to be incompatible with more significant and lofty goals and aspirations of human existence; they fear that the power and demands of the sexual impulse make it a danger to harmonious civilized life; and they find in sexuality a severe threat not only to our proper relations with, and our moral treatment of, other persons, but also equally a threat to our own humanity.
On the other side of the divide are the metaphysical sexual optimists (Plato, in some of his works, sometimes Sigmund Freud, Bertrand Russell, and many contemporary philosophers) who perceive nothing especially obnoxious in the sexual impulse. They view human sexuality as just another and mostly innocuous dimension of our existence as embodied or animal-like creatures; they judge that sexuality, which in some measure has been given to us by evolution, cannot but be conducive to our well-being without detracting from our intellectual propensities; and they praise rather than fear the power of an impulse that can lift us to various high forms of happiness.
The particular sort of metaphysics of sex one believes will influence one’s subsequent judgments about the value and role of sexuality in the good or virtuous life and about what sexual activities are morally wrong and which ones are morally permissible. Let’s explore some of these implications.
2. Metaphysical Sexual Pessimism.
An extended version of metaphysical pessimism might make the following claims: In virtue of the nature of sexual desire, a person who sexually desires another person objectifies that other person, both before and during sexual activity. Sex, says Kant, “makes of the loved person an Object of appetite. . . . Taken by itself it is a degradation of human nature” ( Lectures on Ethics , p. 163). Certain types of manipulation and deception seem required prior to engaging in sex with another person, or are so common as to appear part of the nature of the sexual experience. As Bernard Baumrim makes the point, “sexual interaction is essentially manipulative—physically, psychologically, emotionally, and even intellectually” (“Sexual Immorality Delineated,” p. 300). We go out of our way, for example, to make ourselves look more attractive and desirable to the other person than we really are, and we go to great lengths to conceal our defects. And when one person sexually desires another, the other person’s body, his or her lips, thighs, toes, and buttocks are desired as the arousing parts they are, distinct from the person. The other’s genitals, too, are the object of our attention: “sexuality is not an inclination which one human being has for another as such, but is an inclination for the sex of another. . . . [O]nly her sex is the object of his desires” (Kant, Lectures , p. 164).
Further, the sexual act itself is peculiar, with its uncontrollable arousal, involuntary jerkings, and its yearning to master and consume the other person’s body. During the act, a person both loses control of himself and loses regard for the humanity of the other. Our sexuality is a threat to the other’s personhood; but the one who is in the grip of desire is also on the verge of losing his or her personhood. The one who desires depends on the whims of another person to gain satisfaction, and becomes as a result a jellyfish, susceptible to the demands and manipulations of the other: “In desire you are compromised in the eyes of the object of desire, since you have displayed that you have designs which are vulnerable to his intentions” (Roger Scruton, Sexual Desire , p. 82). A person who proposes an irresistible sexual offer to another person may be exploiting someone made weak by sexual desire (see Virginia Held, “Coercion and Coercive Offers,” p. 58).

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What followed next was the unappealing murder of Angel by the deranged, sadistic and mean cop. Incensed, he repeatedly stabbed the door with a long kitchen knife, then broke it down – and the impaled knife struck Angel when the door fell on top of her. He dragged her to the half-filled bathtub, where he brutally assaulted her by stomping on her, and then electrocuted her with an electric radio ("Quite a turn-on yourself!").
Then, Sledge decided to frame Clint for the murder. Clint had to flee from his gas station job, and as he hitch-hiked across the country, he was sexually-harassed by more voluptuous nymphomaniacs:
SuperCherry (Colleen Brennan, aka Sharon Kelly) (who bragged: "I came in the shower this mornin’. Yeah, I came without even touching myself? Just the hot water beatin’ on my body."); she encouraged Clint to touch her breast, and then reached inside Clint’s jeans, but he rejected her advances SuperSoul (Uschi Digard), a farmer’s Austrian mail-order bride, German-speaking, attempted to ‘rape‘ Clint at night, and then forced sex on him in the barn’s hayloft before being discovered by the farmer SuperEula (Deborah McGuire), a motel owner’s deaf-mute daughter, African-American, propositioned Clint in the desert after a dune buggy ride and SuperVixen (Shari Eubanks in a dual role); Angel was sweetly reincarnated and working at a roadside diner.
In the end, SuperVixen and Clint’s common enemy Harry was in pursuit, and threatened to explode a stick on dynamite between SuperVixen’s spread-eagled legs: ("This’ll be the biggest and last bang you’ll ever have") and also up Clint’s butt, but then Harry was accidentally blown up himself. SuperAngel exclaimed: "Leapin’ Lizards!" and then atop a pile of rock, shouted out with her arms and legs extended: "That’s All Folks!" Her last sexually-satisfied words after a nude desert romp with Clint were: "I’m coming!"
For nearly 40 years, the vibrant rainbow flag of the gay pride movement has come to represent diversity and tolerance. However, a decision by the National Trust to demand 350 of its volunteers at a Jacobean mansion wear the banner or be banished to backroom chores has triggering an angry backlash.
Bosses at Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk wrote to their army of volunteers asking them to all wear a lanyard or badge displaying the rainbow flag to welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer visitors. The email, seen by The Telegraph, reveals that those who refused would not be allowed to meet and greet guests to the 17th Century hall.
“There’s a group of about 10 of us who have volunteered for more than 10 years, and we’ve now been told that if we don’t toe the line, we can’t do our jobs.
“People are getting ill over this, they’re losing sleep because they’re missing out on a big part of their daily lives and doing something they love so much.”
A nother volunteer, who did not want to be named, said she had not signed up for any shifts during the summer Prejudice and Pride campaign when volunteers and the 48 staff are required to wear the rainbow flag colours.
An email written by Ella Akinlade, the general manager at the hall, said the use of the lanyard and badge was an attempt to “send a very clear and visible sign to visitors” that they support the LGBTQ community who “shaped” many of the Trust’s properties.
In a statement, Annabel Smith, the Trusts’ head of volunteering, said staff and volunteers sign up to the organisation’s “core ambition”, adding that the Trust was committed to “promoting equality of opportunity and inclusion”.
She said “As part of our ‘Prejudice and Pride’ programme our staff and volunteers are wearing rainbow badges and lanyards, as an international symbol of welcome.
“We do recognise that some volunteers may have conflicting, personal opinions. However whilst volunteering for the National Trust we do request and expect individuals to uphold the values of the organisation. We encourage people with any concerns to chat to our teams.”
What sanctimonious nonsense. The “values” of an organization like the National Trust ought to have nothing to do with cultural politics, and everything to do with preserving Britain’s historic sites, and making them accessible to visitors. These workers did not refuse to participate in the special LGBT program (though some of them were offended that the National Trust outed the manor’s deceased last owner, who was highly private about his sexuality). This is nothing more than the kind of obnoxious virtue signaling we have become accustomed to by gay activists and their allies. That volunteers at a state-run historic preservation organization are compelled to do something like this as a condition of service is appalling.
While Christians may not be persecuted for their faith per se, they are already being targeted when they stand for what their faith entails, especially in matters of sexuality. As the LGBT agenda advances, broad interpretations of antidiscrimination laws are going to push traditional Christians increasingly out of the marketplace, and the corporate world will become hostile toward Christian bigots, considering them a danger to the working environment.

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Allen begins his submission by stating that “Beginning on Jan. 1, prostitution by minors will be legal in California. Yes, you read that right.”
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One website, Mad Patriots, linked to Allen’s column with its own post: “Sick, Perverted Liberal California Just Legalized CHILD PROSTITUION.” Among the untruths, the website restates: “Immunity from arrest means law enforcement can’t interfere with minors engaging in prostitution – which translates into bigger and better cash flow for the pimps.”
Allen is referring to Senate Bill 1322, by state Sen. Holly Mitchell, D-Los Angeles, which decriminalizes prostitution for minors by barring officers from arresting people under 18 for soliciting sex or loitering with intent to commit prostitution.
It generated significant legislative debate over whether the new approach is sound public policy, but it is false to say the law “legalizes” child prostitution in California.
Those soliciting the sex and those arranging the clients can still be charged with crimes. People caught having sexual conduct with minors can be charged with penalties ranging from misdemeanors to felonies carrying life terms, depending on the ages of those involved and the individual circumstances of the offenses.
It’s also wildly misleading to equate decriminalizing minors with law enforcement not being allowed to interfere with minors engaging in commercial sex acts. Under the law, officers who encounter minors doing so must report the circumstances to the county child welfare agency as abuse or neglect.
Commercially sexually exploited children, based on the bill’s analysis, may be taken into temporary custody “if the minor has an immediate need for medical care, or … is in immediate danger of physical or sexual abuse, or the physical environment” or the child’s unattended status “poses an immediate threat to the child’s health or safety.”
Under statutory rape laws, minors are not legally permitted to consent to sex – for money or not – and Mitchell’s law does not change that. Mitchell and supporters argue that sex workers should be viewed as victims rather than criminals. Her bill was supported by the Alameda County district attorney, American Civil Liberties Union of California, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice and the National Association of Social Workers.
In opposing the bill, the California District Attorneys Association acknowledged that “minors engaged in prostitution are often the victims of human trafficking.” But the group said the solution in the bill could “undermine law enforcement’s ability to address those exploiting such minors.”
Allen makes other misleading statements.
He includes a quote from Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley stating that decriminalizing child prostitution “opens up the door for traffickers to use these kids to commit crimes and exploit them even worse.” O’Malley initially opposed the bill, but ultimately signed on as one of its highest-profile supporters.
Report: DEA agents had ‘sex parties’ with prostitutes hired by drug cartels.
A sign with a DEA badge marks the entrance to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Museum in Arlington. (Jonathan Ernst/REUTERS)
Drug Enforcement Administration agents allegedly had “sex parties” with prostitutes hired by local drug cartels overseas over a period of several years, according to a report released Thursday by the Justice Department’s watchdog.
The report did not specify the country where the parties occurred, but a law enforcement official familiar with the matter identified it as Colombia.
Seven of the 10 DEA agents alleged to have participated in the gatherings — most of which took place at an agent’s “quarters” leased by the U.S. government — admitted to having attended the parties, the report found. The agents, some of whom had top-secret security clearances, received suspensions of two to 10 days.
Former police officers in Colombia also alleged that three DEA supervisory special agents were provided with money, expensive gifts and weapons from drug cartel members, according to the report.
“Although some of the DEA agents participating in these parties denied it, the information in the case file suggested they should have known the prostitutes in attendance were paid with cartel funds,” according to the 131-page report by Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz.
The findings were part of a much broader investigation into the handling of allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct from fiscal 2009 to 2012 at federal law enforcement agencies — the DEA, the FBI, the U.S. Marshals Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
Horowitz said the investigation was “significantly impacted and unnecessarily delayed” by repeated difficulties his office had in obtaining relevant information from the FBI and the DEA. When he did receive the information, he said, it “was still incomplete.”
In a statement, a spokesman for the Justice Department said officials took the issues raised in the inspector general’s report seriously and are “taking steps to implement policies and procedures to help prevent them from happening in the future.”

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