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Most people, in their daily activities, cultivated their lands with various plants, such as rice, corn, sweet potato, cassava, clove, pala and coconut. These various spices brought Tidore to be famous country visited by the traders from China, India and Arab, and later became the area of wars between the indigenous people and the European robbers.
Maswin M. Rahman, 2006. Mengenal Kesultanan Tidore. Tidore: Lembaga Kesenian Kraton Limau Duko.
Surfing, hiking and traveling in Indonesia.
After some days in Bunaken, we planned to have three full days in Ternate and Tidore. Which should be enough time to hike a volcano and explore both islands. It didn’t work out quite as planned. First Garuda called and said they had to reschedule or flight because of operational reasons, so we only had two full days. Then the weatherman showed up with a lot of rain. Since our plan was to stroll up the mountain in sunny condition wearing shorts and tees, we decided to just spend the days driving around the two islands and see what else they had to offer.
Ternate and Tidore are a part of North Maluku, which is a part of a group of islands often referred to as The Spice Islands . The reasons for the name is that this was the only place in the world where Clove and Nutmeg was found, and traders and conquerors would travel from all over the world to get their hands on these tasty and valuable spices.
On the left we are walking through a neighborhood rich in colors and smells. On the right nutmeg (Muskat) and mace is being dried in the sun. Further down the road the taste of export-ready cloves (Nelik) would give us a reminder that Christmas is coming. (My wish for Christmas this year is that Gopro 5 will be released).
The view of Tidore, from Ternate, can be found on the 1.000 IDR bill. You can call these islands The 1000 Rupiah Islands . It takes about 15 minutes by speedboat from Ternate to Tidore, and it cost 100.000 IDR. It was worth the trip.
You could also call these islands The Selfie Islands . Everywhere we went people kept shouting “HELLO MISTER!!” with a big fat smile on their face. I’ve never felt so welcome in my life. They would drag us out of our car, stop us while crossing the street, and run full speed towards the edge of a cliff, just to take selfies with us. If you ever want to have a Justin Bieber moment, go to the local market in Ternate.
Taking pictures with a drone is all about finding new perspectives and angles. This fortress looked just like any other fortress found on these islands, until I took off with my drone and saw it from above. It has a weird shape for a fortress, don’t you think? They must have realized it when they drew up the sketches, and then said “let’s just build it, who’s gonna see it from the air anyways?” Welcome to The Erotic Fortress Islands .
This was our colorful home for the three nights we spent in North Maluku. I have unfinished business with the volcanoes there, so I might have to return. If I do, I know where to stay!
Thanks for reading, Ronny.
Here’s some practical information:
As you can see Ternate is pretty far northeast in Indonesia. You can fly there by Garuda directly from Jakarta. (We came from Manado, after our trip to Bunaken). We stayed at Villa Ma’Rasai on the south side of Ternate, about 30 minutes from the airport. Villa Ma’Rasai is a nice place to stay, the house is colorful and nicely decorated. When we entered the villa the first thing I saw was two old maps on the wall, one of Europe and one of South East Asia. It immediately made me feel like home. The staff was very friendly, they served tasteful food and they helped us arrange our island roadtrip- adventures. Excellent service!
Tidore: The Spanish forts on the island of Tidore, 1606-1663.
This post is also available in: Italian Indonesian.
Written by Marco Ramerini. English text revision by Dietrich Koster.
As we mentioned earlier, from April 1606 after the conquest by the troops of Acuna of the city of Ternate, the Spaniards had, in the Moluccas, as their main and often the only ally the King of Tidore. They tried for several decades to counter the growing power of the Dutch armies, occupying some islands with fortified garrisons. The island of Tidore played a key role between them.
After the Spanish conquest of Ternate the King of Tidore had offered to Pedro de Acuna the subjugation of his kingdom to Spain and had also promised the construction of a Spanish fortress on his island. Acuna, in fact, at the time of his departure had ordered among the works to be carried out urgently the construction of a Spanish fort on the island of Tidore and according to this order a captain with some Spanish soldiers had to be stationed there. 1.
This order, as we shall see, however, will not be executed by Juan de Esquivel, appointed by Acuna as governor of Ternate. The alliance with the king of Tidore for many years was essential for the maintenance of Spanish presence in the Moluccas. Indeed, at first, Acuna wanted to put the king of Tidore at the head of the kingdom of Ternate. 2.

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(2) The self-employed sex worker offers nothing but home delivery. The act of sexual commerce is not habitually concluded in the same place. Thus, we avoid the Criminal Code’s prohibition on "keeping a common bawdy house" — defined by a place regularly used for commercial physical gratification or acts of "gross indecency" (another can of worms).
(3) The ads are placed in paper or electronic publications that do not qualify as a "public place" when it comes to soliciting. Soliciting is a crime only when it scares the horses, slows traffic, threatens property values or otherwise gets up the noses of tourists or the bourgeoisie. Soliciting in public is a portentous crime; soliciting in the classified ads is a legal convenience.
The escort services that fatten the ad budgets of the Yellow Pages and colourful journals risk the attention of morality squads because of their structure: These businesses are managed, which means that the executives of those that provide prostitutes "live off the avails." It doesn’t matter that the businesses may be well-managed, or that the sex workers may be safer or better cared for there. If the police are stirred from their torpor in these cases, it is an easy hit under the Criminal Code.
To be fair, the police may prefer to ignore these realities, accepting how constructively hypocritical they really are. But then someone comes along and lays a complaint, and what are the police to do — especially if it involves a minor? Attention must be paid and then, we hope, the importance of seeming earnest and doing nothing returns, and the business of adult prostitution is left to serve the public comme d’habitude.
This is one of these cases where hypocrisy may be better than reform in dealing with public policy and social change. Because prostitution itself is legal, the Criminal Code regulates it through various prohibitions — no public soliciting, no managing, no habitual locale, no recruitment, no minors. Observe the rules and it’s full steam ahead. Offend the least sensible rules — living off the avails — while running an otherwise admirable operation, and the police will generally let you be.
The alternatives are either messy amendments to the Criminal Code that require MPs to vote for a liberalized sex trade, or appeals to the courts under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, claiming affronts to freedom of expression or such. The first is unrealistic, and the second is improbable, so official tolerance is the best option, with all the risks of arbitrary enforcement of the law that this implies.
There is a parallel in the application of laws against marijuana use, though the police remain oddly more vigilant on this file than they do on commercial sex. You assume you can relax in enjoying a joint or two at a weekend party, secure in the assumption that the police have grown tired of pretending that the Criminal Code should apply to this, whatever its formal status. Yet, many Canadians are still dragged before criminal courts for simple marijuana possession, clouding their futures with silly convictions at ridiculous cost. If we cannot insist on more hypocrisy in the application of this law, it might actually have to be changed.
Discretion is the soul of justice, and sometimes discretion effectively suspends whole sections of law in the face of changing values. Remember how we refused to execute murderers for years out of sheer abhorrence, despite the existence of the death penalty? Now we would do so out of simple humility, given our demonstrated skill in convicting the wrong people.
Ignoring the law can be wiser than enforcing, interpreting or revising it. The same principle applies to many other aspects of life.
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Rudy was also charged with second-degree rape, assault, and criminal possession of stolen property, while Nebahate was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, as well, police said.
A young woman lured the two teen girls, ages 14 and 15, to the city from Ulster County with the promise of modeling jobs, sources said.
They were first brought to The Bronx, then taken to a so-called “trap house” in East New York.
After overhearing that their captors intended to pimp them out as prostitutes, the teens tried to leave the house, but Nebahate pulled out a knife and forced them to stay, police said.
Rudy, who allegedly raped the 14-year-old girl, also grabbed the older teen by the neck and punched her when they tried to escape, police said. To impair their judgment, the girls’ captors gave them Xanax, according to police.
At some point Saturday, the 15-year-old girl was allowed to walk outside — and that’s when she used a cell phone to ping her father with their location, police said.

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(2) The practice of independent outcall prostitution is fully protected by Federal law. Third party involvement in solicitation of business or profiting from it is a crime But enforcement varies widely since the attitude is to support individual rights as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.
(3) Advertising in public print is protected as a right of free speech which has been upheld by the Canadian Supreme Court. Advertising on television has not yet been tested but the issue is whether its in line with community standards.
(4) An independent outcall escort has the right to discuss specific acts of sex for money in private. Hotel rooms, telephones and private homes. The Canadian Supreme court has ruled that a land based telephone is a private communication. When one places a phone call, they have a reasonable expectation of privacy, and that is the test. The same is easily extended to cellular phone communication. One would have to have special equipment to intercept such communication.
When you consider the "public communication" aspect of the law it is really crafted to discourage street solicitation. The more aggressive uses of the law have seen it applied to hotel bars, your vehicle operating on a public street and other such places. Communication btw also includes acts in furtherance as evidence of intent. i.e. you pick a street walker up in your car is an act of furtherance.
While prostitution itself is legal how it is practiced is restricted and enforcement differs greatly in different cities. The Criminal Code of Canada restricts:
1. Communicating /Solicitation- to avoid street prostitution by preventing soliciting or having sex in public.
In 1978, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that soliciting had to be "pressing and persistent" to warrant conviction. In 1985, this was replaced by the communicating law, which continues to outlaw any kind of communication for the purposes of prostitution, making it an easier offence to prosecute. A car was ruled to be a public place if it is parked in any place open to public view. This law forces prostitutes to move into more secluded, poorly lit areas to do their work.
The communicating offence was designed to deal with the nuisance caused by street solicitation. In 1990, the SCC held that while the communicating section is an infringement on the freedom of expression, it is justifiable infringement because of the importance of eliminating street solicitation and the associated social nuisances.
"Public place" is defined as "any place to which the public have access as of right or by invitation. and any motor vehicle located in a place. open to public view". Cyberspace is not a "place" any more than a radio or tv is.
Car sex is illegal unless in a very secluded location as one case pointed out. A telephone is private so you can discuss it freely. It is also perfectly legal for a prostitute to advertise in magazines, newspapers and websites, as they are not considered public (you choose to buy it, read it in privately and read what you privately decide to read). For example in Vancouver, there are many ads are in the Westender, Vancouver Sun and Vancouver Providence for providers. In Montreal the Mirror has many explicit ads as do other French publications. Many Canadian providers have websites and there are good discussion/review lists such as All all perfectly legal and without the concern of being a roadmap for vice cops to find legitimate providers, like in the U.S.
In Toronto one street prostitute was arrested for soliciting. The arresting officer had her on tape which was played for the judge. The tape showed the undercover officer asking her what she charged for a straight lay. She replied, If you would like to come to my motel room, I will tell you all the details, but if not, I won’t tell you anything because it is illegal to solicit in a public place." The judge looked at the officer and said, "well it sounds to me as though she read the law to you?". The case was immediately tossed out. Source: discussion thread 2722.
Section 213 of the Criminal Code states that communicating (in public) for the purpose of prostitution is a summary conviction offence. Summary offences are considered "less serious", carrying a maximum six-month jail term (seldom imposed), a $2,000 fine, or both. The offender does not receive a formal criminal record, nor are fingerprints or photographs taken.
Because communicating is a minor offense, street prostitution is a major problem in many Canadian cities. See extensive separate report on Canadian Street Prostitution at While I highly support private prostitution as a choice for adults, I am totally against street prostitution, especially in residential areas. In my street report I discuss other options and my observations realizing I am an outsider, but monitor similar issues in other countries.
In February 1997 the Vancouver police announced that they no longer intend to arrest prostitutes for even street communicating, except if they are working near schools etc. The press release announcing this policy reasoned that: The root cause of Vancouver’s street prostitution trade is the men who purchase or recruit and control (pimp) juvenile or adult sex workers.

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