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To send updates to the whore map, email us, including the exact address, hours of operation, and supporting details.
EUR used to be a model neighborhood, one of the most beautiful of Rome – if not the most beautiful – immersed in greenery, with a beautiful artificial lake, wide streets free of traffic, a wonderful amusement park and it was a place where everyone dreamed of living. Nowadays that neighborhood doesn’t exist anymore, but, in consolation there’s a new EUR: the neighborhood of the whores.
Ok. I get that this is supposed to be ironic. How could it not be ironic? Clearly there’s a vein of disdain for the fact that people use the neighborhood for sex and then throw garbage all over the place. Maybe they’re trying to bring attention to the problem in a humorous way, in order to spark change. My neurons are perplexed. But I don’t have the inclination to call up the editors of the site and interview them. This blog is free, after all. So come to your own conclusions.
What I will add, however, is that the site also highlights a referendum recently brought to the city council that proposes reinstating the “case chiuse” … the “closed houses.” Basically these are brothels, also known as “case di tolleranza.” Brothels were legal in Rome until the “Merlin Law” of 1958 (named after Socialist Lina Merlin, the first woman in history to be elected to the Italian Senate, in 1948) abolished brothels. The sort of weird legal loophole is that technically speaking, prostitution isn’t illegal, it’s the brothels that are. Yeah, I know.
Of course as you most likely know, prostitution is often called “the world’s oldest profession” and had always been a part of Roman history from ancient times (see Exhibit 3 below, a.k.a. porno fresco from Pompeii):
Yeah, it’s pretty much probably what you think it is. Even the History Channel got on that bandwagon. Ever seen a History Channel documentary that warns that it’s sexually explicit? Well you have now! Weee! And I quote: “A seething world of sex and filthy squalor .” Oh Dio. Such drama.
So, no surprise that prostitution was legally regulated in Rome, even under Mussolini’s Fascist dictatorship, although granted there were stricter measures taken, such as obligatory state medical exams and requirements for registry with public authorities.
Ok, so there’s your history lesson, in a nutshell. Thanks to Merlin, oh female magician that she was, prostitution is in a weird gray area in Italy. The law on the books hasn’t been modified since the original from 1958, despite numerous attempts.
So, that brings us up to today, where there’s a referendum on the table that proposes to abrogate the Merlin Law. Three politicians are proposing the change: Angelo Alessandri, former national secretary for the controversial extreme right-wing Lega Nord party; Matteo Iotti, a member of Emilia-Romagna’s city council, and might I add please don’t let me loose to comment about the ego fest of photos on his blog’s homepage; and Luca Vezzani of PdL — i.e. Berlusconi’s party. No irony intended there, at least I don’t think. The various articles about the referendum promise that the politicians had planned to start in September collecting the 500,000 signatures needed to get the referendum on the ballot. No real update on that, however.
So I did a little more trolling. In this interview, Alessandri had said that there would be a website called No Merlin, to help gather signatures. In fact, here you go. It’s a Blogspot blog that at this writing was most recently updated on July 13, 2013 and in fact has just that one article, followed by an article titled, and believe me, it pains me to write this: “Blog Under Construction.” Dio. There’s even a menu titled “Gallery” that, as of yet, has no photos. One can only hope it stays that way.
I dunno, folks. This is starting to get long. Here’s the deal. If the Merlin Law has been on the books and unmodified since 1958, and the big push to get it abrogated stands in October at a measly free blog with one post? Yeah. Not so sure about the chances of success there.
Shows like Le Iene do undercover pieces, social experiments (classy when the Milan City worker truck stops to compliment her), and exposes about prostitution, over and over and over.
And it’s not like the subject doesn’t get press coverage. It does. I mean, look how jazzy ex-mayor Alemanno looks in the dark among the flashing police lights and synthesized background music of this video highlighting a prostitution bust on Via Salaria:
The Puttan Tour map? Um, in pretty bad taste, to say the very least.
The prostitution problem in Rome? Enormous. I could easily probably write a thesis on it, if I was going for my doctorate in social work. A topic that deserves far more attention than a flippant blog post from yours truly. It’s a huge problem. Look at this article from the BBC from a couple weeks ago, citing a Milan cinema shut down because it was being used as a brothel.

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Great forum for swingers, exhibitionists and also some info about p4p around the Frankfurt/Main area and beyond. I heard people can sign up for gang bangs on public parking areas along A5 Autobahn going to Heidelberg and deliver cum shots to horny housewives who are degraded to German whores for a couple of hours. Don’t forget to bring your Durex condoms.
Regional guide to adult entertainment in the Southern region around the Bodensee that builds Germany’s border with Switzerland and Austria. There are ads of providers and apartment bordellos as well as luxury clubs. Pretty neat addition to the German sexguides.
The second, lesser known Frankfurt red-light district on Breite Strasse is hosting Eros Center No. 1. It’s a four story brothel with many doors to provider’s rooms along red-lit aisles. Providers are mostly cougars and milfs who do their job for some time, already. Sex is around 10 to 15 minutes with a quick suck and fuck routine. Most providers will be fine changing positions once or twice.
Grefrath sauna club near Dusseldorf and Essen surprises with a luxury location and many spiffy courtesans to chose from. A refurbished aristocratic villa that people own about renting is offering sexual wellness services for those who desire the sophisticated care of female love servants. Villa Vertigo is close to Autobahn exits that makes it great for quick stopovers marking breaks from the stresses associated with long distance driving.
Pun was intended when creators of this website named it “free traffic” that combines to a synonyms for “Intercourse” and “Punters” as a German idiom. It’s a simple one-page site showing most recent promotions and events of German bordellos, mainly FKK clubs. The entire presentation is very minimalistic.
Joe runs a fine punter blog about Reeperbahn and Herbertstrasse red-light districts for visitors and residents for Hamburgs. He puts the name by the game and is no bullshit. Joe tells it like it is. Some of his ramblings tell tales about Hamburg street whores from Strassenstrich that is close by a famous Police station.
When German telecom providers introduced flat rates for mobile data usage, the sex industry hat the genius idea of adopting this concept for sex clubs. Pay once – drink and have sex as much as you can. Caligula Berlin is one of the most famous Berlin brothels with flat rates for their customers. Cheap fun for carnal athletes.
Cities like Bremen with big commercial harbors for intercontinental freight shipping were used to be the best places in Germany to find red-light districts and watering holes with German sex workers aka “Dirnen”. Bremen’s Happy Night club with it’s typical mature German women reminds a lot about it’s national tradition of prostitution.
Frankfurt East is a typical industrial area with very large spaces and easy access. It’s far away from the hassle of the banking and tourist quarters, but still very easy to reach from highways, airport and even by public transport. Nobody will suspect a visit to a brothel if you tell them you are heading to Hanauer Landstrasse. FKK Mainhatten is a pretty comfy clothing-optional sex club that is perfect for chilling out and having fun for a couple of hours.
This club in Dietzenbach, a few Miles south of Frankfurt, used to be one of the first FKK Clubs in Germany when it opened its doors for the first time over 20 years ago. Since the small facilities can’t compete with the larger clubs like FKK Sharks in Darmstadt or Oase, they are scoring point with cheap service: 40 Euro per shot. The working women tend to upsell and market themselves rather aggressively.
The name Acapulco stands as a synonym for great recreation. This Velbert FKK Club delivers just that. Its visitors can enjoy outstanding facilities with very comfy bedrooms for various rounds of entertainment with their ladies. There is a rather large swimming pool and an outdoor area for hot summer nights.
Bavaria’s largest FKK club is located in Ingolstadt, half way between Nuremberh and Munich. It’s not far away from a Autobahn exit and easy to reach by car. The images on their website are impressive. Seems to be great place to relax while enjoying the company of international providers. Click on the “ladies” tab on their navigation to find naked mistresses all around the place.
Budget FKK in former Eastern Germany’s hotspot Erfurt. Entrance to these nice facilities are just 30 Euro in damage. Lovely courtesans and a plush interiour make gusts feel welcome. Events with international XXX stars spice up the club from time to time. Christmas party in December and outdoor swimming in summer. Life is like heaven on earth in Erfurt’s first FKK club.
According to their homepage there is a minimum limit of 79 different females working this FKK sexclub every single day, probably divided by two shifts. The location Kaarst is clove to many strategic Autobahn highways connecting Krefeld, Dusseldorf and Essen enroute to The Netherlands. It’s not a real FKK club though, it’s more of an sauna club since women tend to wear thongs and lingerie most of the time.
Hangout for guys who worship prostitutes and pay for sex. To be a “Freier” is the German expression for punter or monger. Freiercafe is a platform similar to most online message boards where members discuss paid sex services in nightclubs, FKK clubs, bordellos in red-light districts like Lumpinen Strasse in Mannheim or Stahlstrasse Essen. Other discussion about international sex tourism destinations and health aspects are listed among many different categories.

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